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Magie Hollingworth

Magie Hollingworth is a freelance artist with a longstanding record of fantastic, refreshing needlepoint design.

I grew up in Nottinghamshire and have had the urge to create since early childhood. Always busy with some making project I began embroidering tablecloths, knitting and making dolls clothes at a young age, ensuring all dolls were fully attired with their house entirely crafted from recyclables.
After studying Fine Art, I reconnected with all things textile and subsequently went on to develop a freelance career centred around stitch, eventually returning to the East Midlands to teach and pursue a career as a designer/maker. My embroideries have won many prizes.

An interview with Magie Hollingworth filmed at her studio in Nottinghamshire, England

 For the past 15 years I have developed a very individual approach to the craft of papier maché and my contemporary paper works are widely exhibited. I’m passionate about craftsmanship and each piece is unique. Being such a perfectionist and on a journey of self discovery I well remember first working for Hugh. Having got the initial commission I soon realised that for me, the only way to produce the master design was to actually stitch it. Never having attempted a tapestry before I had to get a book out on needlepoint from the local library and start reading, fast!


I sew each piece with only outlines as a guide. Then follows many hours of stitching and unpicking. My main passion in life is just to make things. Whether a tapestry, my papier maché, wonderful meals or my ever evolving garden. It almost doesn’t matter what it is. The impulse to make is the same. I do though truly love my large demanding garden and conservatory. All my spare time is either spent outside, totally absorbed in the business of growing rare and unusual plants, or in the kitchen cooking. I find eating the food I’ve grown deeply satisfying.

Magie Hollingworth

Magie’s detailed portraits of dogs and sheep are astonishing pieces of needlework. She achieves an almost photographic clarity, capturing the characters of her subjects in a soft, sophisticated range of natural colours. Her subdued use of colour runs through all her designs and sets her apart from the majority of other designers. She is an outstanding graphic designer with a great sense of humour, often drawn to subjects with an English post war flavour – cigarette cards, seaside holidays and patterns of the period.

Designed by Magie Hollingworth

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