Free Shipping on Orders Over $300


How can I place and pay for an order?

You may place your order over the telephone with a debit/credit card, via the post with a cheque, postal order or quoting your credit/debit card details or via our secure website using your credit/debit card.

Is the postage cost per item or per order?

The cost of the postage is per order so if you order multiple items the postage remains the same.

The postage seems a little high

The cost of the postage includes postage, packing and insurance should your parcel go astray in transit.

How will my order be delivered?

Orders to the UK are delivered via Royal Mail.
American orders are delivered via FedEx.
Overseas orders are delivered via Airmail Post or DHL depending on the country

What is included in my kit?

The kit comes complete with a cotton canvas printed in full colour, enough wool to finish the design, a needle and instruction booklet and a full colour chart as an additional guide if required.

What happens if I run short of wool?

If you do experience a shortage of wool please refer to the inside back cover of the instruction booklet provided with your tapestry kit for details of how to obtain further supplies.

How long does it take for the kit to arrive?

If the particular design is in stock then your order will be despatched the following business day, however, under extreme circumstances, i.e. at Sale times, we would ask you to allow extra time as stocks decrease rapidly during these periods.

What is your policy on refunds and returned goods?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase and return the item concerned in a clean and re-saleable condition within 28 days of the receipt, the cost of the item/s will be refunded.

How do I use the gold metallic thread?

The gold metallic thread is a bit fragile and it is best to cut into a useable length of no more than 16 inches (40cms) which, when doubled for stitching, means that you are stitching with an 8 inch (20cm) strand. This will alleviate any fraying. The thread is doubled because it is thinner and needs to cover the canvas. The areas of the canvas to be stitched using the metallic thread are indicated by a bright yellow ink colour with the word GOLD alongside the colour square.

I cannot find my needle

The needle is often stapled to the edge of the canvas in a tiny cellophane packet, or in some cases it is woven through the canvas in the vicinity of the colour strip. If you cannot find it check to see if it has fallen into the bottom of the bag.

What do you mean by ‘Register of the canvas’ and why is it important?

In some of the designs, especially geometric and kits with borders, you need to ensure that the canvas is printed to enable you to stitch the straight lines properly. On occasion a canvas can slip during the printing process and the printing can be slightly off. If your canvas is more than 2 rows off let us know and we will issue a replacement. Registration is not an issue with many of the kits.

I went to the website to buy a kit and it’s no longer there! What can I do?

When kits are sold out and discontinued we do remove them from the website. Email us and we will check to see if we still have any stock remaining. Once a sale has run its course the kits are removed from the site in order to make room for other designs. New items are added often to the site so if you are searching for something keep checking!

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