Morris Rose Tile

$120.00 $96.00

Designer Candace Bahouth

A bolster shaped cushion for a change from Candace in different shades of blue. The first tiles Morris produced were for his own home which he hand painted himself. When Morris & Co. was established tiles were an integral part of the overall look and were offered to clients along with textiles, furnishings and stained glass.
    • 21" x 11"
    • 51 cm x 28 cm
    • 10 holes to the inch
    • The kits include a 100% cotton canvas printed in full colour, all the yarns required (100% pure new wool), a needle and an easy to follow guide to get you underway.


Candace Bahouth

Candace Bahouth's tapestries are the balanced work of a true artist, whether it's her medieval patterns with their glorious borders or her stunning series based on the paintings of Gustav Klimt. Relatively few colours are used in these kits. They are quick to stitch and look good in any setting.

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