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09 September 2011


Magie is currently exhibiting in Hamburg in the exhibition ‘Patina’ at the Agency and Gallery for European Crafts.  The show runs from September 21st to November 6th.

On 26th and 27th November she is participating in the Harley Open Studio event where the public meet the artists and are able to buy their work.

Next year, from April 2nd-4th she will be running two papier maché classes, plus a day for children, at Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham.



Raymond’s exhibition ‘A Passion for Painting Pattern’ has toured the country for the past three years.  It featured his artwork for Ehrman Tapestry, Viyella and Liberty.  The original artwork for ‘Tartan Fan’, one of his early designs for us, is now in the permanent collection of Perth Museum in Scotland and his artwork for ‘Greek Ribbons’, featured in our 2005 catalogue, is in the permanent collection of the Silk Museum, Macclesfield.




Kaffe has been working this summer on his autobiography which is due to be published in Autumn 2012.  The early years will be particularly interesting.

From September 26th to October 25th Kaffe will be touring America, giving workshop and talks.  It is a tour of southern states this time from west to east starting in California.  He and Brandon travel through Kansas, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia finishing up in Florida.