Featured Designers.


Margaret Murton

Margaret Murton has a particular affinity with the rich composition of older textiles and she draws inspiration from many different areas of textile design. Her other main source of inspiration is the countryside in Leicestershire around where she lives.

“Living in the National Forest we don’t
have far to go to be amidst canopies of
real green leaves. Thousands of trees have been planted in this area which
incorporates the ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood. Walking is
part of my daily routine and I come back full of ideas and enthusiasm. Every season has something to offer, but I think spring is so exciting with all those vital greens unfurling: I think of it as spring fireworks.”



“Recently I was invited to run needlepoint workshops for young NADFAS. ‘Taking the forest to the city’, kindly sponsored by Hugh and the National Forest Company proved to be a great success with children from inner city primary schools stitching giant leaves to clad bare branches. I am very keen to pursue needlepoint workshops with young children as they have a natural enthusiasm for colour and texture. It is an easy way to encourage an interest in craft skills which are in danger of being forgotten in this technological age. I have also worked with teenage boys and found it rewarding to see how “engaged” they can be.”

Margaret started as a painter. Her painting commissions are as important to her as her needlework and she specialises in painting on wood; usually onto old wooden panels. She is married to furniture designer Roger Murton and sometimes they collaborate on interior design projects.

“I trained in both music and art and for almost 15 years I pursued a career in music. The house is a musical one. Beth, my daughter, and I both play the piano and Beth also plays the violin. I love singing madrigals with a small group of friends and I organise a bi-annual concert in the local church. I compose an opening piece each term that sometimes involves up to 25 percussionists!”

Percussion is another passion and Margaret Murton is a keen rock drummer. “A steady stream of teenagers comes to learn rock drumming from me”.

A fascinating and unexpected mix of interests.