Ehrman is pleased to offer a making-up service for your finished tapestries by mail order (UK and US only)

U K   M a i l   O r d e r s

    223 Kensington Church Street
    London W8 7LX

    Phone: 020 7229 4949

U S   M a i l   O r d e r s

Services for finishing your needlepoint projects are available from: 
  • Cindy Hills 
    8552 Window Latch Way 
    Columbia, MD 21045 

    Phone: 410 995 1722 

  • Finishing Price Guide 

    Prices      Pillow Size
    $100.00   12" x 12"
    $105.00   14" x 14"
    $110.00   15" x 15"
    $115.00   16" x 16"
    $120.00   17" x 17"
    $125.00   18" x 18"
    $135.00   20" x 20"
    For Odd sizes e-mail or call for pricing
    $15.00     Tassels (4 per pillow)
    $125.00   Xmas stocking 
    $70.00     Brick Cover 

    Blocking Only
    $43.00     18" x 18" and smaller
    $48.00     20" x 20"

  • To Place an Order
  1. Ddownload and print out the Order Form
    (if you cannot view the form, you will first need to download and install a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  2. Fill it out completely and put it in the package with your needlepoint. 

  3. Send package to:
    Cindy Hills
    8552 Window Latch Way
    Columbia, MD 21045

    Phone: 410 995 1722

  • Please Note

    - PRICE INCLUDES:  knife-edge finish, blocking, fabric, zipper, decorative cord, insert, return shipping
    - FABRIC CHOICE:  suede cloth, moirĂ©, chintz or any other fabric suitable

    - If customer supplies fabric, deduct $5.00
    - If customer supplies cording, deduct $7.50

    - We are unable to block any needlepoint when the canvas has been cut within 2 " of the border
    - We are not responsible for customer altering the canvas with non-permanent markers
    - We are unable to properly block any needlepoint that has been previously dry cleaned or blocked
    - We are not responsible for the blocking of needlepoint done in a tight continental stitch

  • Please contact us with questions about fabrics, colors and prices via email