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Brandon Mably
Brandon Mably was raised in a small seaside town on the coast of south Wales. In the 1980’s he moved to London to run the Kaffe Fassett studio. Kaffe taught him to knit, needlepoint, hook rag rugs and grout mosaic and shortly afterwards Brandon was travelling the world with Kaffe doing knitting workshops and developing his own distinctive designs. The majority of his work is knitting design for Rowan but he also designs patchwork fabrics for Westminster Fibers in America and tapestry kits for us. His travel schedule with Kaffe takes him to exotic and varied locations – Guatemala, Iceland, Africa, South Korea, Scandinavia, all over Europe as well as America – and these experiences feed into his work.

Fabrics, Quilts and Knits

"I have a very practical mind and I try to strip out complexity so that things are not too fussy". There is a boldness and clarity to his work.

An enthusiastic teacher Brandon has learned over the years that most people have buried in them a sense of colour and design and his talent is to bring this out. His current workshop is “concentrating on colour and design” focusing on knitting, needlepoint and patchwork and recently he took over responsibility for all the knitting workshops from Kaffe. This is a fairly full time commitment and last autumn, while doing a book tour with Kaffe, Brandon held workshops in twenty one cities around the world.